Freehold Friday: Firestorm released!

Wow—it’s been a while. Well, I apologize for that muchachos but I had good reason (I like to think).

I wrote a new book!

I was finishing up the final touches on my latest book, Firestorm. Which, is now finally available for download from Amazon! I’ve shifted gears now to the paperback version so that’ll be ready soon.

firestorm final smThis book is the closing act in the opening trilogy that encompasses the Wildfire universe. If you’ve read Apache Dawn and The Shift, a lot of loose ends are going to be tied up in Firestorm.

To celebrate the release of Firestorm, I’m going to put Apache Dawn on promotion starting tomorrow—so if you haven’t yet picked up a copy, now’s your chance. They’ll be going for 99 cents for a few days, then increasing to $1.99 for a few days before sliding to $2.99 and back to its full price of $3.99 by the end of next week. This will coincide with a promotional event I’m trying out this weekend, so fingers crossed!

We interrupt this program for a crass commercial break.

I would like to take this opportunity to ask—no beg—any of you out there who’ve read my books to take a moment and leave a review—it doesn’t have to be long, it doesn’t even have to be positive (although that’s what I’m hoping for!)…every review counts to an indie author like myself. We live and die by these things. The more reviews (especially good ones!) a book has, the better it sells—duh. That’s only partly the reason I’m asking…the main part is the better a book does, the more financial pressure it eases, which means the more time I can spend creating new books….and you see where this goes. More books for you to read, more books for me to write—everyone’s happy!

And now back to the show…

The future looks bright from here, folks. We’re working on the audio book for The Shift and hopefully Firestorm. I’m planning on releasing a box set of the Wildfire trilogy this summer. I’ve got 1/3 of the final book in the AJE series written, so look for that late summer/early fall. Then I’ve got a Kindle World’s story I’m kicking around and the first of the spin-off adventures for Cooper.
Speaking of Cooper and Wildfire, I have a sci-fi book (well, one and a half if you count the sequel that’s not finished yet) that is set in the future—about a hundred years or so after the events in Firestorm. Then there’s going to be narrow-focus books that deal with smaller events around single characters, like Cooper Braaten and the infamous 13.

Thank you all for being so patient with my lack of posts this month—things will get back to normal (if you can call it that) now that the book is finished. I haven’t been completely ignoring the blog though, I’ve been saving up some stuff for when I had time to post. Should prove to be interesting to at least a few of you!

Until next time, muchachos, keep your heads down and your powder dry!

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Freehold Friday: Book Updates

Howdy muchachos,

This will just be a quick update to assure you I’m still alive. Been rather busy around the Freehold lately. Between school winding down for Spring Break (three kids in the house all week! Yaaaaay!) and Easter and birthdays and sickness (school is a disease factory, there’s no doubt about it) there hasn’t been a lot of time to crack open the ol’ blog.

But, that doesn’t mean I haven’t been up to anything—as a matter of fact, the beginning of March I’ve logged some 75,000 words on the third book in the AJE series, which I’m going to name Dux Bellorum. Fans of my doorstopper books rejoice! Those 75,000 words are only in the Erik and Ted and Brin plotline. I’m thinking their story alone will be as big as Apache Dawn (about 120,000 words or 250–300 pages). I still need to write the antagonist plot, the Brotherhood plot (Malcolm will be up to things too) and the General/Admiral plot line. This book is looking to be the biggest I’ve ever written (possibly necessitating being split into two…we’ll see).

All that and there’s more—my editor and I are finally back on track with the final read through of Wildfire (it’s going a LOT faster than the other books…the process is getting really streamlined now, or maybe I’m getting better at writing, who knows) now that the kids are healthy and the pressures of real life have backed the hell off for a few days in a row.

Oh, and I know today is April 1st, but I assure you the above post is no joke. No, really!