Freehold Friday: Uh…Monday.

Okay, so it’s not Friday, but here’s a little something I just had to get out there.

I wanted to point out that Hollywood has confirmed what I said about how typically left-leaning folks see us preparedness-minded individuals (you could make the argument that it’s really statist vs. individual but that’s for another time). If you don’t remember, check out this post.

To sum up, I basically said that those who don’t prepare tend to label us as fringe elements, survivalists, or worse (gun nuts). Why? Because the fear the strength and freedom that personal responsibility and individualism grants someone. Being prepared means you’re relying on yourself and neighbors, rather than the state to take care of you in a crisis or emergency (whether immediate like a home invasion, or extended like the aftermath of a hurricane). That gives you power and lessens the power the state holds over you.

Those that worship the state fear the individual.

Case in point—the Oscars. There were a number of decent movies (so I’m told—I proudly admit right now, I haven’t seen any of them except the new Star Wars flick) and one especially that deserved mention: The Martian.

This may be a stretch—even for me—but hear me out. Feel free to laugh at me at the end!

But did this most excellent movie win big? No. Why? Because the Oscars, being an award ceremony for elitists to congratulate themselves in front of us plebes, is a political event. Just go look up the Straight Outta Compton mess and the racism charges and all that nonsense swirling around for the past month or two.

Everyone knows Hollywood stands closer to the left than the right, and I would be willing to bet most preppers stand closer to the right than the left. That immediately puts us at odds.

So why focus on The Martian? Well, two reasons: 1) it’s a story written by an independent author (like me!) that made it to the big leagues. That’s every author’s dream—create something you enjoy, find happiness in the fact that many other people enjoy it, and make some (or a lot) money while you’re at it.

2) The Martian is a survival tale. On Mars. It doesn’t get much cooler than that. It’s all about an individual’s quest to survive in the the worst place known to man, using nothing but his wits and his gear to continue his existence. What more could a prepper ask for?

It was nominated for all kinds of categories but won absolutely nothing. Oh sure, they’ll try and tell you that’s because other movies (or soundtracks or editing—really, they have an award for editing? Come on…) were just better.


But you have to admit, it sure does seem to fit with what I was saying.

Just to compare: Spotlight (winner, Best Picture, released Nov 6, 2015) brought in $59 million since its release.

The Martian (released Oct 2, 2015): $632.8 million.

See? The free market (another target for those anti-prepper types) chose the The Martian hands down. But they (the Academy) know which one is better. Obviously us unwashed masses can’t tell a good movie from trite if it bit us in the ass.


My next step is to buy the book version of The Martian, then buy the movie.

Then I’ll flip Hollyweird the bird and get back to prepping.


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