Freehold Friday: Ooops. And good news!

Howdy muchachos!

I have to apologize to you—I had worked up a post for today, prepped it, made it all nice and shiny for you, and then promptly screwed it up. I went to copy and past it into my master blog file and this is what I saw at the top of the screen when I opened the word processor:


Really?   Yeah.

It’s all still there on my recorder (I dictated today’s entry) but now I have to go re-transcribe it and fix the mistakes Dragon invariably makes (though they aren’t that many anymore). Annnnnd I’m out of time for today.


So I’ll just do the update I had planned for today anyway, and get you the rest of the post at some point this weekend when I get a chance. Sorry!!!

But now for some good news! I printed the book I’m working on (Book 3 in the Wildfire series for those who don’t know) today, so the last few steps are in sight. I just need to read through it now on paper, make any last corrections, while at the same time letting my beta readers tackle a copy, then I can integrate the final changes/corrections and it’s ready for publishing!


Now it’s time to work on a cover….


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