Freehold Friday: Updates!

Welcome back to another edition of Freehold Friday! I got plenty of updates today…

Apache Dawn Audiobook

First up, I just this week received word that the audio version of Apache Dawn is nearing completion. We think it’s going to come in around 19 hours long! How’s that for some entertainment? That ought to keep you occupied on your way to work for a while…

On that note, my very talented narrator, James Romick has expressed interest in doing the audio version of The Shift as well! I was hoping he’d do so, because I love what he’s doing on Apache Dawn and I think you will, too! I’ll update with more info as the final release date approaches.

Denny’s Return

I’m pleased to announce I finished the first chapter of Denny Tecumseh’s triumphant return to the Wildfire Saga. One of the most requested characters from Apache Dawn is back—thanks to you, my readers! See? Emailing me works! Got a suggestion or gripe or want me to add something? I don’t know what you’re thinking, so tell me! Never know, I might agree…

More 3D Cover Art!

Okay, this is really cool. Gill Dall, the graphic artist I mentioned last time contacted me this week to let me know she decided to do another mock up of my AJE cover. Check this out:

AJE Mock Up 5

How sweet is that? I love the flames in the background. Thanks again Gill! Remember—if you need cover art like this, please see her website. She’s great!


As always, if you want to know before everyone else (even the readers of this blog!) when the next book will be released, any promotions or other cool news, sign up to get the monthly Freeholder Update today!


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