Freehold Friday: New 3d cover art!

A few days ago I noticed a message over on my favorite author haunt about an artist wanting to expand their portfolio of 3D book covers. Instead of fabricating from scratch, they’d prefer to create mock-ups from existing covers to show potential clients real-world examples. To do so, she needed authors and their book images.

She held a contest wherein 5 people would be selected and their book cover images would be turned into 3D book images (I know, I know, I’m a little excited about this, but it’s an author thing…bear with me). Needless to say, I signed up for the contest.

And guess who got selected?

AJE Mock Up 1

Oh yeah. Check out my sweet new 3D cover images for AJE!

AJE Mock Up 2

These things are awesome!

AJE Mock Up 3

They each have subtle differences and can be used on websites, etc., banners, and such…

AJE Mock Up 4

Gill Dall, the artist, sent me the files in .jpg and .png (less the backgrounds) so I could place the books on a background of my choice or use what she provided. How cool is that? And I only just provided her the images the day before.

She’s got a website which you can see here where she’s going to be using my book cover mock ups (as well as the others she did for the contest) as part of her online portfolio.  So if you need some 3D cover art, please go see her!  I can’t recommend her enough.

Not a bad way to start the weekend, if you ask me!

Thanks again to Gill for these sweet cover images!

Shameless plug: as always, if you want to know before everyone else when the next book will be released, any promotions or other cool news, sign up to get the Freeholder Update today!


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