Freehold Friday: Using Scrivener to Blog…

Yet another post on why Scrivener is awesome.

downloadOkay, so I like the software. I mean I love it. And now it’s getting even better, because I figured out how write this blog in Scrivener and export directly to the Freehold! It makes things easier for me, which lets me get more content to you on a more reliable schedule (yeah, sorry about the missing weekly updates lately, the real world has intruded with gusto) and so on. Trust me, it’s a good thing.
But how do you do this, oh wise writer? (yeah, I can hear you saying that)

Easy: I set up Scrivener with a single project file. Inside the file, on the next folder level, I created a folder for each blog I operate (The Freehold, my woodworking blog, my genealogy blog, and my astronomy blog). Inside each of those folders, are more folders listing years and months, which contain the actual posts. Or will, once I import everything over.

Granted, I haven’t posted anything on those other blogs in about a year because (a) I’ve been so busy with writing and (b) my youngest entered into the phase where he needed constant supervision while awake to ensure his survival to his 2nd birthday. That in and of itself put a pretty big constraint on my free time, and what little I had left, I devoted to my fiction writing. But now, school is back in session, the older kids are gone 8 hours a day and the youngest is entering the independence phase. Oh, he still needs supervision, but he’s getting a little more common sense. A little. Stairs and chairs are still great fun but he no longer flings himself headfirst from the top step (at least not without a little pause to consider if I’d approve or not). He also likes to get out toys and play by himself now, as long as he can see me.
That means at least my writing productivity is heading for an increase. I still don’t have the time or energy to get out in the workshop (a few times for minor projects) or under the stars (almost never in the past year, except for the last lunar eclipse or for comets), but at least I can jot notes for writing in a notebook now.
It’s going to take some time getting everything set up and copying all the old posts into my new project file, but when I’ve got it all set, I’m confident my output will increase, along with the consistency!

In the meantime, I’ll leave you with this update: My new supernatural thriller serial project is wrapping up Episode 1 (with episodes 2 and 3 nearing final edit stage) and should be ready for publishing in the next few weeks. Be gentle—this is an experiment. I’m still writing the sequel to The Shift and still have big plans for the Wildfire universe (think epic) and I haven’t forgot about Erik, Ted and the gang from AJE. They still have one whopper of a finish ahead of them.

As always, if you want to know before everyone else (even the readers of this blog!) when the next book will be released, any promotions or other cool news, sign up to get the monthly Freeholder Update today!


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