Just call me Nostradamus…

No, not really.  But it is kind of eerie.

See, about 4 years ago I published Alea Jacta Est (a novel 10 years in the making) and one of the more popular plotlines revolved around a group of private citizens, many of whom were vets.

Great.  Buy why is that so special?

Because my group, the Arizona Regulators, patrolled the US-Mexico Border, trying to block illegal immigration and all the nastiness that follows like drug trafficking and human trafficking.   They were based near Nogales, Arizona.

Lo and behold today on the Drudge Report, I see this headline:

Screen Shot 2015-10-04 at 1.45.34 PMA group of vets and ex-security experts got together and patrol the US-Mexico border…RIGHT NOW…near (drumroll please…)–Nogales, Arizona.

They aren’t exactly the most favorite people of the Federal agents down there (gee, could that be because they’re actually doing the job our government should be?) but they still pass on intelligence they gather to ICE.

Just. Like. In. My. Novel.

How crazy is that?  I tell you what, I got a good ol’ fashion Chris Mathews thrill up my leg reading this article.  It’s good stuff.

Click here to read the article from the UK newspaper, The Daily Mail.


Sad thing is, it took a British newspaper to get this story in the light.  Where are the US papers?   Oh, that’s right, mostly in bed with the people who want to allow all the mess in South America into our country with no restrictions whatsoever.

Okay, enough pontificating (we’ve had enough of that last week from il Papa), I’m going back to writing.



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