I hate Windows 8.1 so much…

…I’m doing this:


My heart goes out to those folks who have no other safety net to call back on.  Luckily 99% of my writing is now done on my Mac.  So this is more an experiment really, but still nerve-racking.

No matter what happens, it’s GOT to be better than 8.1…



2 thoughts on “I hate Windows 8.1 so much…

  1. i updated on my windows 7 laptop. I managed to play with it for a few minutes before all the problems came out. Turns out the computer was too old, even though i had all the spec for it. So it fried the motherboard, i’ve had a friend it’s done that to also.

    Got a new laptop with windows 8.1 and I don’t actually mind it, okay it’s different, and taking a while to get used to. Let me know how the update goes, i’m a bit nervous about doing it now just incase it screws up again

    • Sorry to hear about your troubles! I’ve certainly got stories like yours in the back of my mind as I do this. Fingers crossed that since my laptop is only a year or so old and came with 8.1 it will survive…never a good sign, though, the the operating system fries your motherboard.

      I have seen where a lot of people have had really good experiences with 10 so far, so I’m trying to stay positive.

      We’ll see. It’s almost finished downloading. I might need to go fortify myself with some liquid courage…

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