Well…so far so good…

So I figured I’d share with you my Wondows10 laptop** upgrade experience.  You saw in the last post where I took the plunge—I did not receive the notification I was promised and instead went Microsoft’s website* and downloaded the 64-bit version myself (I’m not patient when it comes to things like this)—to see if you need 32 or 64bit,  open File Explorer, right click on My Computer or whatever you named it, and select ‘properties’.  A screen will pop up and in the middle of all the specs, it will tell you if you’re running 64 or 32bit.  Just click the appropriate install “Tool” and download it it!  Easy.  Right?

Well…easy, yes.  Fast?


It took about 3 hours to download (however, this thing is something like 10 or 11gb(!!!), so YMMV depending on your internet speed).  I thought everything was all set and hit the “launch nuclear missiles now” button (it doesn’t really say that, but that’s what it felt like!).  Did I see a screen saying “here we go, Windows10 is yours!”…?

No.  I saw this:


Really?  Really? Those stupid updates have been the bane of my existence since Windows7.  Sigh.

Anyway…20 minutes later, it was finished updating itself for the update (?)…or maybe it was updating the update(??)…whatever the hell it was doing, it was done.

It eventually asked me to install with “Express Settings”…something I learned many moons ago never to do when Micro$oft is involved.  I found the tiny little option to choose my own settings (careful, it’s very easy to miss–they clearly want you to do it their way).  I turned off all the auto-reporting and sharing of my private data, passwords, bank accounts, and blood type and told it to proceed.  Carefully, I warned it–I had my eye on it.

Win10 must have been okay with that, because here’s the next screen:


Now that’s more like it!  ***drums fingers on counter after a few minutes sitting at 1%***  Oh boy.  Then, out of the blue (literally) it kicks into 5th gear and a few minutes later I see this:


And 2 sippy-cup refills and a diaper change later, I see we’re moving right along!  The installation part took a total of about 12 minutes.


Now I’m getting excited.  Gotta be close to finishing right?


Oooo, a restart!  That’s a good sign!  New desktop and faster speed, here we come!  Good bye 8.1, dont let the door hit you in the ass on the way—



Ugh.  As I lifted my face off the counter, I realised it was time to do other things.  Read the text under “Upgrading Windows”.  Yeah–when your computer tells you to ‘chill out’, you’re in for a loooong wait. Normally it’s like, “This will only take a moment.  Please wait.”  Two days later, it finishes copying that one file you needed.  Not it says to sit,back and relax???  Shoot, where’s the beer? I’ll come back next week.

By this point, the kids were getting a little rowdy.  So, I abandoned my hovering over the laptop in surgery and played with the kiddos while Mrs. Richardson looked up prices on new laptops.

An hour and a half of running updates from my oldest son: “Daddy!  It’s at 15%!  Daddy! It’s at 16%!  Daddy…” and I finally walk into the kitchen only to see this:


All right!  I sat down, gleefully rubbing my hands together like Scrooge on pay day, and watched as a few more minutes ticked by.   Almost there…


Cue Handel’s chorus!  It’s done!  I had to tweak a few settings that got reset (like the mouse…I’m left-handed so I switched the buttons around to make the trackpad usable) and basked in the logical goodness of the layout.  Bye-bye, smart-token things that show up on the right side of the screen at the worst possible moment!  So long, stupid “metro” screen with your useless layout and wonky icons (this is a computer, not a damn phone, Micro$oft)!


Hey, wait a minute.  This looks a lot like my Mac, what with the apps front and center on the bottom…hmmm, methinks they learned a few things from Apple this time around.

Anyway, it’s done and running and not too bad.  I had read online that the first couple resets/power-downs will be a little slower than normal, but the speed will quickly increase to that approaching a Mac of similar hardware specs.

I tested Scrivener and Dragon and they both seem to work fine–thank God!–Scrivener even seems to load a bit faster, even!  Others have mentioned Windows Media Player disappeared after the update—I didn’t find that to be the case.  The icon was still there on my desktop, right where I left it.

Time to test the slower after reboot warnings I read…


Yes it is.


That first reboot is a doozy.  Took 5 minutes of staring at a blank screen to load.  The second one took much less time (whew!).  The third one—will have to wait.  Can’t sit in front of the screen anymore, the kids want to play some more and the dog needs to go out.  I’ll boot up again later and see what happens.

Hopefully in a few days I’ll be able to report all is (still) well.  My fingers are still crossed…

*in case you missed it, here’s the link to download Windows10 manual:


**for the record, I’m running an HP 15″Touchsmart laptop (got it at WaI-mart for $330 in Spring of 2014). Its got a 500gb HDD and 2gb RAM. Not a powerhouse by any stretch of the definition, but it’s great for writing. It came with Win8.1 and no CD/DVD drive.


I hate Windows 8.1 so much…

…I’m doing this:


My heart goes out to those folks who have no other safety net to call back on.  Luckily 99% of my writing is now done on my Mac.  So this is more an experiment really, but still nerve-racking.

No matter what happens, it’s GOT to be better than 8.1…