I frequently get asked how I write things in my books that continue to come true–as if I’m predicting the future. Well, I am, sort of–I predict what I think will happen based on the things I see happening in the world today.

A lot of the time, an idea just hits me while I’m doing something else, like cooking or cutting the grass. If I’m lucky, I remember it long enough to make a note (thank you Evernote!).

Sometimes, I read something or hear something on the news that sparks an idea for a story… Every now and then, a real gem lands in my lap, like this:

This is one of the more well-thought out pieces on the subject of EMP vulnerability and I can tell you, before I finished the second paragraph, the ideas popping off in my head would have made ol’ Orville Redenbacher proud.

This is a topic I’ve been collecting research on for a few years now. Real fascinating, real scary stuff. The great backdrop for a story.

In 1859 a solar flare hit the earth and caused telegraph lines to spontaneously combust. The wires caught…on…fire. Can you image what kind of havoc that power would have on our delicate electronics today?

I can. >:)


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