Freehold Friday: The awesome scary post.

No, not scary awesome. Awesome. And. Scary.

First the awesome.

I just had to share this article–it’s about the Authors Supporting Our Troops campaign I joined this year and thought y’all might be interested to read it:—authors-supporting-our-troops.html

Now the scary part. To set the stage, I’m knee-deep in the revision process on The Shift (sequel to Apache Dawn) and rapidly approaching the finish line. I’m preparing to send the book to the printer so I can do the final read through.

I’ve been enjoying the hell out of my new Mac Mini and the benefits of Scrivener for Mac. I can get up early and edit in the basement office on the Mac and save the file to Dropbox, then make changes on the Windows laptop wherever I might be later. The functionality is dfferent but the words in the file stay the same. Sweet.

Until I forget that my laptop takes about 10 minutes to upload anything to Dropbox versus about 30 seconds for the Mac (yeah, I’m scratching my head, too). Anyway, I’ve been spoiled by the Mac these past few weeks and totally forgot about the sync lag on the laptop.

It was syncing and I opened the file to make a change. Realizing my mistake, I tried to quit the program. I let the sync finish and tried to open it again.

Blank file.

Cue the cold sweat. 3 months of work gone, just like that. Somehow, I’d completely screwed up the file structure and erased my entire book.

Relief was in sight, though: I have multiple backups (on the computers, external drves, and in the cloud) and long story short, nothing was lost.

I think I gained a few gray hairs and a healthy dose of respect for Apple. Their automatic backup Time Machine thing saved my bacon. And my book.

Which, if you reading this, you’re probably grateful for as well…


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