Freehold Friday: SST update and news!

Well hey there, muchachos!  It’s been a while, eh?

I haven’t been spending my time drinking Coronas and praying for warm weather…ahem.  I really haven’t.  I’ve been working my tail off to finish up Sic Semper Tyrannis for ya.

And I’m here to give y’all a little status update.  I have only a little over a hundred pages to go.  That’s right.  I spent a while (over a week) reading through the thing (all 531 pages) and doing my last markups.  This week, I have edited 418 of those pages and they are finalized.

I’m starin’ down the barrel of the end of this book.  Here’s what that looks like, by the way:


I prop up the pages I’m working on with my law school book stand (little dusty) and make the changes in Scriviner.  Page comes off the top, goes into the done pile.  Bit by bit, I’m whittling away at this monster and I have to say, this process is pretty smooth.  I’m going to do this again with the next book.

This will be the fastest book, from start to finish, that I’ve ever written.  My beta readers have been kind enough to let me know that it’s not my worst, either.  Which is a good thing.

Because next month I aim to top my record.  See, it’s Camp NaNoWriMo month.  For you non-writers out there, that’s where you sit down in a chair and crank out a set number of words every day in a given month and write a book in 30 (or 31) days.  Not edit and polish, mind you, just write a first draft.

The National Novel Written in a Month contest occurs each November.  However, in the spring (sometimes summer) there is “camp”.  For people who want to just dip their toes in the process, or for folks who can’t get enough in November.  I’ve heard about it for years and finally decided I’m going to give it a go.

I started work on Sic Semper Tyrannis back in November of 2014, I believe.  I ended up not touching it for the entire month of February due to all kinds of sicknesses in my house and birthday season (Dec 18, Jan 31, Feb 18, Mar 18) really wrecked things.  Lots of parties to plan, invites to mail, thank you notes to write, etc.  It eats up the little free time I have.  So, start to finish for me is about 5 months.   Apache Dawn took 8 months from the first idea to ‘The End’.  Alea Jacta Est…that one took ten years.  Yeah.  Years.  But hey, I graduated law school, moved…uh, 3 times…got married, and had a kid in the meantime.

Granted, False Prey only took three months, but it’s also only half the size of Apache Dawn and a third the size of AJE.

Aaaanyway.  My aim for April is to compete in the contest (yep, there are prizes for the winners—ie, anyone who completes a book in the month of April or hits their word count goal).  What’s that mean for you?

I’m going to write the sequel to Apache Dawn in April.  30 days, 37 chapters, about 5,000 words a day.  Oh hells yeah.  Let’s do this.  Part of the great motivating factor behind the contest is the fact that the authors are public about their goals and accomplishments or failures.  Most of them will post daily word count goals, with the hopes of inspiring others to get cracking and maybe earn praise (which really spurs us on to accomplish more!) from our peers.

It’s a win-win.  I get to do something incredibly hard and fun at the same time (how many people out there have written a 160,000 word, 400 page book 30 days?).  You get to reap the rewards—a new book in the Wildfire Saga—way faster than normal.

Does this mean Apache Dawn 2 will be out in May?  No guarantees, muchachos.  See, this is to create the first draft.  Then there’s the editing and revisions—that might take a month too.  We might be looking at a release in June—but hey, that’s still 60 days, start to finish.  That is like…well, it’s really damn fast, I’ll put it that way.

To prep for Camp NaNoWriMo, I’ve worked out the outline for AD2….don’t believe me?  Here it is, a classified picture taken at great risk of personal harm, smuggled out of the author’s lair.  Many Bothan spies died to bring us this information…


So there you have it!  Pardon me while I dig back into the last segment of SST and try and get this puppy out to you.  If you want to know the second it’s ready, join the Freeholder Update!


Sic Semper Tyrannis update and cover reveal!

I just finished the second draft of the sequel to Alea Jacta Est.  I’ll be sending it off to the printer for one last read through and then it’s publishing time!

This is really exciting.  I think we’ll be about a week away from publishing once I get all 531 pages (you read that right but that count is paper pages and not indicative of how big the ebook will be) back from the printer.

Its been a hard slog through the edits with all the craziness that real life threw at me in the last 2 months.  I really want to thank you for being so patient! 

So as a reward, here’s the cover for AJE2, which I will refer to it’s title from now on: Sic Semper Tyrannis:


Remember, if you’d like to know before everyone else when SST is ready, join the Freeholder Update! Sign up before the release to get the book at a deep discount.