Freehold Friday: AJE2 first draft completed!

My apologies that this Freehold Friday is more of a Freehold Saturday edition…a stomach bug has been making its charming presence felt in the house over the past week or so, moving up the ranks of the kiddos (man, schools are such little disease factories) until it struck me down Thursday night. Today was the first time I’ve felt human since then. My gurgling inards aside, we are all thankfully on the mend and I can get on with writing once more.

Besides the late-week gastronomical excitement, I have some great news! I was able to mash out the last three chapters of AJE2 on Monday–which led to two things: 1) I started revising said first draft (oooh, the fun part!) and 2) I started outlining Apache Dawn 2 (to he called–for now–The Shift).

On Monday I hit a new record single day wordcount total: 11,518 words in a 2.5 hour writing period.  I love DNS.  Love. It.

Anyway, the first draft of AJE2 officially weighs in at about 170,000 words.  Now remember, it’s a first draft— the word count is very likely going to fluctuate (possibly wildly in either or both directions) so don’t take that number for gospel. But I’m guessing it’ll end up between Apache Dawn and Alea Jacta Est in size.

What does all this mean?

It was time for a well deserved beverage.  On tap was Guinness Blonde. 


But that’s not all! This week I joined Authors Supporting Our Troops 2015, a campaign that is putting signed books by indie authors into the hands of our fighting men and women overseas. I can’t express to you how awesome this is and how happy I am to participate. My only hope is that my books don’t dissappoint.

Here they are, a batch of Apache Dawn, signed and prepped for shipping!


Many thanks to Armand Rosamilia for setting up ASOT2015. If you’d like to help (you don’t have to be an author: you can donate money to help cover the costs of shipping the books overseas or buy ASOT2015 merchandise–proceeds go to covering costs) or for more information, click here to see the ASOT2015 website.


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