Freehold Friday: The Freeholder Press

Today I’m happy to announce the birth of The Freeholder Press–where all my current and future books will now be published.

I say that a little tongue in cheek because technically places like Amazon and Barnes and Noble and iTunes are mere distributors, but for all intents and purposes they “publish” the ebooks we all love to read, in that they take the file I provide and create a book to sell.

At any rate, when you open one of my ebooks now (working on the paper copies next!) you’ll see the publisher listed officially as The Freeholder Press.

On another topic, I’d like to announce that I’ve surpassed the goal I set (word-count) for AJE2.  I had planned to make AJE2 a sveldt 120,000 words, in order to ensure the action was near constant and the plot never dragged. In contrast, AJE got a little chunky in the middle.  I need to get better at killing my little darlings. Time to sharpen my editor’s scalpel and make sure the “smite” key works on the keyboard.

As of today, I have 145,000 words in the book and I have 8 chapters 6 chapters left to write.  That means when all is said and done, I should hopefully have a book about the same size–perhaps a bit bigger than Apache Dawn (which weighed in at around145,000).

The cool part?  40,000 of those words were created since January 1, 2015.  Almost half of that has been since the beginning of this week!  Oh yeah, that Dragon is a fire breathin’ word machine…

Want to know the latest news on upcoming releases, get access to exclusive content, and and bathe in the glow of awesomeness?  Sign up for the Freeholder Update today!


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