False Prey free for a limited time!

In lieu of a Freehold Friday this week I have this announcement: False Prey, the Wildfire Novella, is now free on Amazon from January 28 to February 1, 2015.

The book centers on life in a small town in Kentucky during the events that take place in Apache Dawn, specifically how the local citizenry deals with the North Korean threat and the mysterious illness sweeping the country.

It’s a little over 31,000 words (around 90 pages) so it’s not a major time investment but I think you’ll enjoy the story if you haven’t already gotten a copy.

So what are you waiting for?  Get on over to Amazon and download your free copy of False Prey today!  Or tomorrow…or Friday or Saturday or Sunday.

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Freehold Friday: AJE2 first draft completed!

My apologies that this Freehold Friday is more of a Freehold Saturday edition…a stomach bug has been making its charming presence felt in the house over the past week or so, moving up the ranks of the kiddos (man, schools are such little disease factories) until it struck me down Thursday night. Today was the first time I’ve felt human since then. My gurgling inards aside, we are all thankfully on the mend and I can get on with writing once more.

Besides the late-week gastronomical excitement, I have some great news! I was able to mash out the last three chapters of AJE2 on Monday–which led to two things: 1) I started revising said first draft (oooh, the fun part!) and 2) I started outlining Apache Dawn 2 (to he called–for now–The Shift).

On Monday I hit a new record single day wordcount total: 11,518 words in a 2.5 hour writing period.  I love DNS.  Love. It.

Anyway, the first draft of AJE2 officially weighs in at about 170,000 words.  Now remember, it’s a first draft— the word count is very likely going to fluctuate (possibly wildly in either or both directions) so don’t take that number for gospel. But I’m guessing it’ll end up between Apache Dawn and Alea Jacta Est in size.

What does all this mean?

It was time for a well deserved beverage.  On tap was Guinness Blonde. 


But that’s not all! This week I joined Authors Supporting Our Troops 2015, a campaign that is putting signed books by indie authors into the hands of our fighting men and women overseas. I can’t express to you how awesome this is and how happy I am to participate. My only hope is that my books don’t dissappoint.

Here they are, a batch of Apache Dawn, signed and prepped for shipping!


Many thanks to Armand Rosamilia for setting up ASOT2015. If you’d like to help (you don’t have to be an author: you can donate money to help cover the costs of shipping the books overseas or buy ASOT2015 merchandise–proceeds go to covering costs) or for more information, click here to see the ASOT2015 website.

Freehold Friday: The Freeholder Press

Today I’m happy to announce the birth of The Freeholder Press–where all my current and future books will now be published.

I say that a little tongue in cheek because technically places like Amazon and Barnes and Noble and iTunes are mere distributors, but for all intents and purposes they “publish” the ebooks we all love to read, in that they take the file I provide and create a book to sell.

At any rate, when you open one of my ebooks now (working on the paper copies next!) you’ll see the publisher listed officially as The Freeholder Press.

On another topic, I’d like to announce that I’ve surpassed the goal I set (word-count) for AJE2.  I had planned to make AJE2 a sveldt 120,000 words, in order to ensure the action was near constant and the plot never dragged. In contrast, AJE got a little chunky in the middle.  I need to get better at killing my little darlings. Time to sharpen my editor’s scalpel and make sure the “smite” key works on the keyboard.

As of today, I have 145,000 words in the book and I have 8 chapters 6 chapters left to write.  That means when all is said and done, I should hopefully have a book about the same size–perhaps a bit bigger than Apache Dawn (which weighed in at around145,000).

The cool part?  40,000 of those words were created since January 1, 2015.  Almost half of that has been since the beginning of this week!  Oh yeah, that Dragon is a fire breathin’ word machine…

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Freehold Friday: A New Hope…I mean beginning…

Had to throw out the Episode IV ref in honor of Episode VII coming out this year.  Though it’s gonna be a loooong wait for December.  I hope it’ll be worth it!

Anyway, moving on to non-Star Wars related items…

I hope everyone had a safe and happy New Year, and that y’all survived the holidays unscathed by parties, friends, families, and sickness.  Yep, it’s flu season again and it sure seems this year is off to a helluva start.  CDC declared epidemics in a handful of states in the middle of the country, a little ahead of schedule.

No need to panic, they say, but oh–those flu shots ya got don’t work this year.  Sorry.  I say thanks—that little tidbit of info will likely make it’s way into Wildifre Book 2 (The Shift) or 3 (The Rising)…

Speaking of books and flu, I discovered the first downside to dictating a book: when you’re sick and you lose your voice, you can kiss writing goodbye unless you type.  My kids brought home a nasty cold at the end school last month that, while it wasn’t the flu, was bad enough to wreck my speaking voice since last Friday.  I’ve tried typing, but with a spaz-tastic 14 week-old vizsla puppy in the house on top of the three toddlers…quiet time to sit and type undisturbed is…um…a fantasy.

Cue Jeff Foxworthy: You know you’re a writer when your spouse says “You’ve been working so hard with the kids and the dog and being sick…you need to go out with the guys and get some drinks or hang out and just relax…”

Annnnnd instead of jumping all over that offer, you say: “Naaaah, just take the kids, lock up the dog, and give me a few hours of peace and quiet so I can work on my book!”

That sums up the past holiday season quite nicely.  Despite all that, I have managed to get about 10,000 words typed in the last 2 weeks.  I was averaging that every 4 days since the beginning of November but, come on.  I mean, all my kids are home and two out of 3 are sick.  Every day.  Since December 19.

It’s been fun. When does school start?

Lets see, what else?  In AJE2 news, I wasn’t happy with the way a few chapters were put together, so I’ve been reworking the order to try and find a better flow.  Scrivener is just fantastic for this.  I simply drag and drop the scene where I want it–no cutting and pasting required.  I love it!

In fact, thanks to Scrivener I’m trying a new way to write my books. Since there are multiple plotlines, I am writing each plotline to its conclusion then going back and writing the next one. In the past, I wrote every book and story start to finish in a straight line-like. It required a lot of mental gymnastics to keep the story straight and some heavy editing/revising at the end to keep the story cohesive, but it worked for me—at least according to my readers. So we’ll see how this new method works…

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