Freehold Friday: AD now on Google Play Books

At last, Apache Dawn has completed the circuit of the “big boys” (Amazon, Barnes and Noble, Apple, Kobo, and now Google–to get book links to the other providers, click here for last weeks post).  That’s right, Googlites, Apache Dawn is now available on the Google Play Store.

Still hammering out AJE2–I’ve slowed down a bit this week thanks to some scenes involving a certain aircraft carrier and…well, lets just say I’ve had to stop and do research a few times to make sure things are as accurate as I can make ’em.  However, thanks to Dragon, I’m still scorching along at nearly a chapter and a half every day.

Of course, Christmas is right around the corner and all those pesky real life obligations tend to get in the way for about a week–I’m kidding, I love visiting with family and friends during the holidays.  I’m actually happy for once that there hasn’t been much snow (to shovel) this year.  That time early in the morning is my most productive and I’d hate to waste an entire chapter on shoveling snow!  This time last year I was lucky to get a chapter a week…it’s really amazing, and best of all, it’s just plain fun to dictate.

Although I keep catching myself wanting to utter, “Tea–Earl Grey.  Hot.”


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