Freehold Friday: Going Wide

This week I published Apache Dawn with Kobo, Barnes and Noble, The Page Foundry, Scribd, and Apple iTunes.  So if anyone out there doesn’t want to buy through Amazon, now you’ve got options!

I’ve been enjoying Dragon NaturallySpeaking this week, cranking out 2 chapters in AJE2 by Wednesday and I’ll have another finished by tonight!  That’s 3 times the rate I was working at when I was simply typing.  The book is somewhere north of 80,000 words.  Talk about exciting!  I lost a lot of time in November but I’m making up for it now at a faster pace.  I’m still going to shoot for early 2015 but it may be more like February rather than January.  We’ll see how the rest of December goes…I’m planning for 120-150,000 words (yes, AJE was a behemoth at 220,000 words, but it also had some slow parts and extra fat that could have been trimmed.  I know what I’m doing a lot more now…the story is popping, it’s fast paced and it will be faster to write/edit/publish…).

I’m really getting into the current story arc–it’s…well, let’s just say it’s going to be a hell of a ride Erik and the gang.  There’s going to be some major character shakeups, ala George R.R. Martin so prepare yourself.  Get ready for some danger close.

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