Freehold Friday:Truth is stranger than fiction…

I hope everyone had a Happy Thanksgiving and if you dared venture out for Black Friday, I hope you stayed safe in your holiday deal acquisition missions.

I for one had no intention of braving the hordes out there today–I used to work retail and the last four years I worked, I had the dubious honor of working Thanksgiving night.  Yeah, that was awesome, let me tell you.  Ridiculous.

At any rate, this will be the final update for False Prey.  The book is essentially done.  I’m tweaking the front matter and back matter now, making sure it’s as professional as possible.  The beta readers have given me the thumbs up and last minute edits are done.

What’s that mean for you?  Well, this is your last chance to join the Freeholder Update–I’m planning on sending the book to subscribers this weekend!  For the rest of the world, I will be publishing on Amazon on Tuesday, December 2nd!

For those interested in joining the Freeholder Update, just click on the link.  Sign up, and you’ll get the once-monthly email (okay, maybe twice, but to date I’ve never sent more than one), your email will never be shared and you won’t get any spam from me.  I hate spam too (but the stuff in a can ain’t bad when it’s heated up in a fryin’ pan…).


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