Freehold Friday: The Home Stretch

Well…that was interesting.  Somehow this post was there…and then it wasn’t.  Not sure what happened but my apologies.  Hope this is fixed now.  Anyway, the post for today is below!



Not a lot to say this week, muchachos.  I’ve been working on the sequel to AJE every day—dictating on the treadmill nets me half an hour of exercise and about 2,500-3,000 words!–and editing False Prey every night.  I’m sittin’ pretty on a hill of about 70,000 words for AJE2.  For those keeping score at home, the AJE is 220,000 word monster.  The wildly successful (okay, by my standards, not Tom Clancy’s), Amazon Bestseller (#23 in October in the  Medical  Thriller category of all things), Apache Dawn weighs in at a svelte 149,000 words (give or take a few thousand).  My plan is to keep AJE2 closer to Apache Dawn size–if nothing else than so I can get the dang thing finished by the end of January.  Oops…did I just type that?  Okay, well, there goes that secret…

Ahem.  I am also pleased to announce that False Prey has gone through all the revisions and I’m now on the final read-through…and 50% done at that.  Yep.  The entire first half of the novella is 100% good-as-I-can-make-it done.  I can see the end of the tunnel!  Oh, wait, is that a train?

Seriously, I’ve converted it into an ebook now and I’m reading it on my Kindle and finding the last of the things that needed correcting (it’s amazing what you don’t when you’re editing something on the computer, then switch to a different layout.  Stuff just jumps off the page and slaps you in the face!).  The cover looks great on the Kindle Fire HD (2013)!  Everything is coming together nicely.  Now I just need to finish the thing…

<shameless plug>

We’re getting close to announcement on release dates, so stay tuned.  You folks already signed up with the Freeholder Update can rest easy—not only will you get the word on False Prey’s release, you’ll get a free copy (if you want it).

Not signed up yet?  Feeling the burning shame of embarrassment gnaw away at your stomach?  I’m no doctor, but it’s easy to cure!  Click here and fill out the form to start getting the Freeholder Update.  You can expect 1 to 2 emails a month—-I hate spam as much as you do, so when you hear from me, it’ll just be about a new book or  announcements of a big sale.  Seriously, it’s one email a month.  I don’t share your email either!

And if you subscribe before I release False Prey, you’ll get a free copy!  C’mon, whaddya got to lose?  Other than the embarrassment that all your friends–yes.  All.  Of.  Them.–will have a free copy of my new novella and you won’t….unless you sign up!  Or pay for it.  That’s pretty awesome in my opinion, too, just for the record…

</shameless plug>


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