Freehold Friday: Cover Reveal!

You read that right, muchachos, its time to reveal the cover to my newest release, a novella set in the world of the Wildfire saga (of which Apache Dawn is the first book, book 2 due out in 2015)!!

The title is False Prey and it takes place in the sleepy little town of Brikston, Kentucky.  It portrays events concurrent with Apache Dawn from a civilian perspective.  The story is more of a mystery than an action-packed thrill ride like Apache Dawn, but my beta readers have given me two thumbs up so I think you’ll like it.

False Prey will be released soon–before months end.  Its in the final stages of editing.   The cover, however, is finished and so here it is (Kindle version):


And here’s the paperback version:




Whaddya think?  Let me know–I created them from scratch with a few stock photos…still learning this cover creation thing but it sure is fun!

As a thank you to all my e-mail list subscribers, when False Prey is released, y’all get a free copy!  Watch your inbox…

For those of you not on the list, now’s the chance to sign up!  Just go to click on this link and join us at the Freeholder Update!  I only send 1, maybe 2 emails a month, usually just to let you know about a book release (or in this case, a release and freebie!) or really crazy-special promos.  Seriously, I hate SPAM as much as you.  You won’t get more than 2 emails form me a month…unless there’s some sort of zombie apocalypse.  But then, in case of zombies, you’ll probably have more important things to worry about than your inbox.

Aaaaanyway…just sign up, you won’t regret it!




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