Freehold Friday: There be Dragons here…

This is going to be a short one, muchachos–there’s been an awful lot going on here at the Freehold.  Getting some all of our windows replaced and finished to match the rest of the house is a noisy, messy (need I say expensive?) affair.  But we’re looking at the light at the end of the tunnel…everything’s been installed and they’ve all been stained. Now they need a few coats of poly and we’re done. And all before winter! Woohoo! Last winter sucked. The busted seals and warped frames around the old windows made the house just leak heat like it was made of mesh. No longer!

Other than keeping the kids out of the installers’ way and making sure our new dog (a rescued lab/Shepard mix) didn’t eat anyone, I didn’t get a wholeot of time to write.  Late nights cleaning and painting and early morning potty calls (the four-legged kind) make for one tired writer.

But enough of that… Let not your heart be troubled, gentle reader, for I have discovered voice dictation.  At my absolute top, finger-cramping, keyboard-scorching typing speed I can manage about 2,500 words an hour. Now this is pretty dang good as far as I’m concerned, but my lack of available time lately has really put a crimp on my creative flow, man.

So I started screwing around with Microsoft’s rudimentary speech recognition software embedded in Win 8…and I pulled about 1,000 words…in 10 minutes!!!!  Mind you, there were a good number of spelling mistakes and punctuation problems.  But still.  I mean, daaaamn.

This week’s experimentation has opened my eyes to the possibilities of using dictation to write.  I’ll be looking into Nuance’s Dragon Naturally Speaking software, now.  If the claims I read are true, this could be a game changer folks.  Stay tuned!


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