Freehold Friday: Oh, the irony.

So last week was about the end of summer, the beginning of school and the start of “writing season”.  Sadly, this also coincides with kids bringing sickness home from school.

Yeah.  Two days after I posted last weeks post about the joys of shipping the kiddos off to school, one of them brought home a nasty bug that knocked me on my ass.  So I’m going to apologize for the short post this week–I’m not quite myself yet and there is writing to be done (and skipped days to be made up for).

Anyhow, earlier this week, as I lay there in bed with a doozy of a fever, bundled up with blankets, sweating, I could feel the aching in my bones/muscles continue to intensify…yeah I couldn’t help but grin at the irony.

Here I had just finished Apache Dawn—a book about a flu outbreak—and it sure as hell felt like I had the flu.  All the research I did about the 1918 flu and the horrible descriptions of the symptoms…well, I have a vivid imagination, let’s leave it at that.  So Tuesday I dragged my carcass to the doctor.  After much poking, prodding, measuring, and harumphing, the doctor concluded I had a viral infection in my upper respiratory tract–and delivered this diagnosis with such a serious countenance you’d think he had just declared I had a month to live.  Then he grinned and said: “Otherwise known as a really bad cold.”


If this is “just a really bad cold”…I tell you what, muchachos, I’ll never miss a flu vaccine again.  Gives me a whole new perspective on the subject I’ve been writing about (and new material…I tried to keep detailed notes of what I was feeling…granted some of it looks like chicken scratch because my hand was shaking with the fever but, still some good stuff in that notebook that I don’t really remember now).

On the up-side, there were enough moments of decongestant-induced lucidity this week that I’ve nearly finished another chapter in AJE2 (yes, still waiting for the title to jump out at me—see this post)

I spent a lot of time reading Rachel Aaron’s 2k to 10k (a book for authors about how to dramatically increase your writing speed) and taking notes. I’m going to put her technique to the test and I’m confident I (and by extension you, gentle reader) will be pleased with the results (I recognized a few things she suggested that I already do in my writing—so that’s a good sign!).

Alea Jacta Est continues to amaze me: it’s been in the Top 100 Bestsellers on Amazon (Military Thrillers) for the better part of this whole week! I cannot thank you all enough!!!  And sales continue to rise for Apache Dawn…another high-point for the week 🙂

Okay, it’s time to get back to Scrivener, kick some ass and take some cough medicine.  And I’m all out of cough medicine.


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