Freehold Friday: So long, Summer!

As much as I love my kids and dearly love spending time with them, there does come a point where I have to throw my hands up and scream: It’s time for school to start!

It.  Just.  Is.

Our oldest started kindergarten yesterday in the midst of a pretty decent thunderstorm with lightning like I haven’t seen since leaving Texas.  Our daughter started preschool Tuesday.  Our youngest started flinging food across the kitchen–a new trick he is very keen to repeat as much as possible while squealing in delight.

But summer has officially ended and that means a whole LOT more time to write.  To wit, today I was able to pound out about 2500 words on a new project–uninterrupted (cue Handel…) in the hour or so before everyone got up for school.  During the height of summer, the kiddos were rising with the sun–which pretty much eliminated the early-morning writing session.  I had to stay up late during the night, then get up early with the kids…it was exhausting for everyone in the house.

Now that school has arrived to sap the energy of my little ones, they tend to sleep a lot later and I can get work done before the littlest one gets up.  Ah, the sweet bliss of a silent house and a steaming cup of tea.

Fall is and  always has been my favorite time of year. There’s something about harvest-time that stirs the spirit…the smells, the colors, the crisp air in the morning…the entire experience is just invigorating.

My fingers are itching to get back to Scrivener.

But I hear a cry over the baby monitor that signals it’s feeding time…

One last thing before I go:  That project I mentioned earlier is a novella set in the world of Wildfire.  Kind of a gap-bridger/depth-giver story that will take place in between Apache Dawn and the next book, The Shift.  

Not to be forgotten, I’ve been continuing to scribble notes and work on the outline for AJE2, so fear not AJE fans!


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