Freehold Friday: What a week!

This has been an eye-opening week, folks!

It started off with pressure—trying to get Apache Dawn finalized so I could enter it in the Writer’s Digest eBook contest by Sep 1 meant a month of getting up at 5am (or earlier) to work on the book and staying up till 11pm working.  I had to work around the schedules of the kiddos and barely saw my wife these last two weeks.  I am mentally and physically, if not grammatically (savvy?) exhausted.

But…that said, on Tuesday, out of the blue, Alea Jacta Est broke into the Top 100 bestselling Kindle ebooks in Military Thriller at #97.  Could not believe it!  No big spike in sales, no promotion…just boom there ya go.  Well I grabbed a screen shot:

And I’m glad I did–because it was off the list in ten minutes. Wednesday though, AJE had clawed back to #100!  It wasn’t a fluke after all.

Last night around 10pm I uploaded Apache Dawn and clicked “publish”.   This morning it was live.   Throughout the day I was getting Facebook posts, emails, and texts from friends and family who were offering congratulations—and then it happened.

AJE suddenly jumped to #79 in the Military Thrillers Top 100.

AJE #79

What’s more, it stayed there for a few hours, then dropped to #81.  Where it stayed for the rest of the day…until now (10pm Thursday night).

That’s right, AJE is now #73 in military a thrillers and #97 in Alien invasion so—-

Wait.  Alien invasion?  What?

Is Alien Invasion where Amazon puts post-apocalyptic fiction?  Because that’s what AJE would fit in…a far sight better, too.  Who knows…I’m just happy its on another bestseller list!

And yet, the records keep falling!  This morning AJE was #70 on the Military Thrillers, #94 in Alien Invasion (lol), and #100 in ALL BOOKS (not just Kindle!!!) for Alien Invasion (lol again)…I had to grab a screen capture from my phone to make sure I wasn’t dreaming.


So a big thank you to all my readers out there!!!  I cannot express how awesome it feels to know that people out there are enjoying what I’ve written.  It inspires me to jump back into the writing mode and crank out AJE2!!!


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