Apache Dawn has been released!

Apache Dawn is now available for download from Amazon!
I added quite a bit to the story (which now comes in close to 500 pages according to Amazon) and worked hard to make it more professional  looking than Alea Jacta Est, cleaned up more errors (spelling, continuity, etc.) than I care to admit, and titled it Apache Dawn!  It came in at a respectable 493* pages.


My editor begged me to release it at a higher price point and I will in a few weeks, but I wanted to say thank you to all the readers here by giving you all the first crack at it (that’s right, no one else knows it exists yet!) at the lower price.  


Here’s the blurb from Amazon:


Ten years after the deadliest pandemic in human history, the same once-defeated influenza virus strikes America without warning. One man holds the key to stopping the deadly outbreak in its tracks and the governments of the world–including his own–will stop at nothing to find him.

From Los Angeles, to Boston, to the Northern Rockies–follow Navy SEALs, Army Rangers, and average Americans as they struggle to save America and themselves. Apache Dawn is the story of America’s fight for survival against a terrible virus, foreign invasion, and political intrigue.”

Thank you once again to everyone who encouraged me to get this thing published!!

* Numbers according to Amazon…but page count is a bit…mystical…. to define when dealing with electronic books.  I plan to release the paperback version of Apache Dawn in the Fall.  The paperback version of AJE is available here, and it is indeed a hefty tome.


4 thoughts on “Apache Dawn has been released!

  1. I purchased my copy on the way to work. It is a real bargain at $3. Wow. I thought it would be higher. But I see you are giving us loyal followers a heads up. Thanks. Can’t wait to jump in and start reading. Keep up the good work. Hoping to see AJE-2 before year-end also.

    • Thank you so much Lynda! I am going to work as fast as I can to get AJE2 out quickly (now that I’ve streamlined the process with Apache Dawn, I should be able to move much faster with future books).

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