AJE is now available in print through Amazon!

Wow, gotta give it to the folks at Amazon, they move fast.  I was told AJE would be ready for sale in the print version on Amazon in 3-5 days, yesterday.  Today, I checked, just for grins, and lo and behold, there it was!   That’s a quick turnaround.

Here’s the link to go directly to the spankin’ new page devoted to the print version of Alea Jacta Est.

I hope y’all enjoy reading the print version as much as I do, it’s really a  joy to hold in the hands.  Some fine quality paper and the font is just perfect.  Definitely more substantial than holding a Kindle fire in your hands.


Alea Jacta Est is now in print!

At last, the book you’ve all been waiting for is here.  This mammoth tome comes in at a whopping 478 pages in a 6×9 paperback that’s over an inch think.  We’re talking you-ain’t-reading-this-in-one-sitting here, folks.  The good people at CreateSpace came through with flying colors.

As this is literally hot off the presses, it’s only available at CreateSpace.com right now.  Here’s the link to find it.  However, if you have an Amazon gift card or just want to wait a few days, it should be available through Amazon in a handful of days.  I apologize for the hefty price tag ($16.99).  It’s the lowest I could get thanks to the sheer size of the book.  I have discovered if I make the books smaller, it’s cheaper for the publisher to print them…hmmmmm….  However, if you want the story but not the price, check out the Kindle version (at $2.99 it’s a steal!).

If you order the paper version, I think you’ll be happy with what you get 🙂

I have to admit, as much as I love the Kindle and the ease of publication, this book looks and feels amazing.  I’ve published with a few other companies before, but this is above and beyond my expectations.  Thank you CreateSpace!  And thank you to the readers who egged me on to make the print version – it was totally worth the effort!

Waiting on the author proof…

No, I’m not waiting on proof that I’m a real author, I’m waiting on the author’s copy of Alea Jacta Est from Createspace.  I wrapped up “post-production” and editing and if the proof they send me looks good, I’ll make AJE go live.  Then let the rush to buy begin!

My copy should arrive any day now…fingers crossed!

Off to the printers.

Just clicked “send” on my author proof copy of AJE, folks.  Soon I’ll have a copy in my grubby hands for review.  If all looks good (the digital proof looks a-ok) I will click “approve” and the book will be ready for distribution!  Looks like it’ll come in around 490 pages in  6×9 book. 

The hardest part was creating a cover in Photoshop to match the o e I created via Amazon’s cover–creator web tool thing when I published for Kindle.  It took a few hours work, but I think it’s pretty close to the original!

It was a tedious process but worth the effort (hopefully) to have it in print.  So all you fans that have melted my inbox with requests for a paper copy, hang in there.  You’re just days away!

Alea Jacta Est coming to print, soon!

I’m currently working on bringing Alea Jacta Est to print via Createspace.com

So far I have 16 chapters formatted…only, what, 50 or so more to go?  🙂

This is tedious but necessary work.  I’ve received numerous requests to make the book available in print and digital issues.  I love my readers so, just bear with me, it’ll happen!

In the meantime, AJE is currently on promotion with Amazon (the Kindle Countdown Deals)!  Only $0.99 through Wednesday the 21st!  Don’t miss this bargain…don’t worry, supplies aren’t limited.